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Tutors in Saffron Walden

Welcome to Maths & English

Please contact me:  07966198341

I am a Cambridge University Qualified Teacher with more than 18 years' experience, I have taught locally and am an intervention teacher for GCSE as well as a Private Tutor in Saffron Walden, Cambridge and surrounding villages (for more than 12 years).  During that time the demand for help to: catch up, consolidate, bridge the gap or get ahead has grown considerably.  I work as a one to one Private Tutor in my own home, I provide tutoring for KS1, KS2, KS3, Entrance Exams, SATs and 11+ revision sessions, as well as GCSE/iGCSE.

My lessons are tailored/differentiated to each student's personal need and cover the National Curriculum and beyond.  Homework is set each week for those in their GCSE year.


I offer individual sessions via a secure corporate Zoom locked sessions: 4+, 7+ & 11+ entry. KS1(Maths & English), KS2 (Maths & English), KS3 (Maths & English) & GCSE (Maths & English).

School Holiday - booster sessions for children who are busy during the school week.


After school, evenings & weekends

My Classes


I currently tutor many children.  I work Monday - Sunday with 1:1 sessions.

1:1 £35 for up to KS3 & GCSE £35/£40

Please contact me to discuss your child's needs.

PLEASE NOTE:  From 1st January 2018 my terms & conditions have changed.  I have had many cancellations, children dropping out, sports fixtures etc.  this is my business and livelihood, last minute cancellations mean I don't get paid.  I will charge for sessions cancelled less than 24 hours notice (unless sick). I will charge fully for blocks of sessions booked and not used.  Your block sessions mean another child has been denied a place.  If cancellation is requested by myself or parent then the multiple bookings discount will not apply.  If I can replace your child then I will provide a refund of outstanding monies within a month of cancellation. Admin fees will be charged when refunds/amendments are required.  My accountant does not work for free!

Events & Workshops
Tutors in Saffron Walden

SATs & KS3 English



Creative Writing

Language Technique

1:1 also available

Tutors in Saffron Walden

GCSE Maths Booster 

Algebra - Algebraic Fractions, Functions, Factorising, Indices, Quadratic Equations, Simultaneous Equations, Solving Equations

Graphs - Gradients, Graphs, Travel Graphs

Number - Percentage, Ratio, Standard Form, Surds

Shape & Space - Angles, Area & Volume, Circle Theorums, Loci, Transformation, Vectors

Probability - Averages, Histograms, Cumulative Frequency

Triganometry - Bearing, Pythagoras, Sin, Cos, Tan, Sine/Cosine rule

Past Papers - Edexcel & AQA

Exam Technique


1:1 also available

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