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Saffron Walden Tutor

I qualified as a teacher at Cambridge University and have taught since 2000 - I now tutor Maths & English full time.  I offer 1:1 tutoring and tutor small groups near Saffron Walden - Ratio1:4.  I have extensive experience, am discreet and most importantly successful in: helping children pass Cambridge Entrance Exams (4+, 7+, 11+ & 13+), catch up at school, stay on track, get ahead, secure excellent SATs results, boost GCSE (English & Maths) grades, re-sit GCSEs, build self-esteem and Home Schooling.

My 'classroom' is light, quiet and spacious. There is a large table with comfortable seats and sofas; which are used when discussing and evaluating comprehension.  There is plenty of FREE parking right outside.  Children can stay for 1 hour or longer. If suitable, children can attend a higher year session than the school year they are in; we call this 'Pre-teaching'.

Does your child need help with English or Maths?

I am a Qualified Teacher (Cantab), Experienced Tutor in Maths & English, who lives close to Saffron Walden.

At school, children (often for a number of reasons) miss out.  Maybe the lesson was too fast, the teacher was a supply, someone in the lesson was 'carrying on', the student was tired, ill or day-dreaming.  Whatever the reason, I know that those 'gaps' in learning can have a lifelong impact on students.


We all know that trying to 'teach' your own children is virtually impossible.  It can result in tears, tantrums and frustrations on both sides. Saffron Walden tutor takes the burden off the grown-ups and allows progress to me made. 


Lots of children are privately tutored in both Maths & English, some for years other meerly as a quick 'cram'. Please read some articles on the impact of a good tutor.


Through thorough curriculum immersion, my proven tutoring techniques ensure that children 'bridge the gap' and be the best that they can be - confidence grows, self-esteem increases and their results make them proud.


 saffronwaldentutor is an extremely knowledgeable tutor who has managed to engage 'T' fully in maths and english 11+ preparation. She demonstrates professionalism at all times and has a kind sympathetic manner which results in a positive learning experience which 'T' looks forward to every week. saffronwaldentutor has provided some excellent advice and strategies on how 'T' can be supported at home and we are beginning to see the benefits of this where her confidence in the subjects has grown. I would not hesitate in recommending saffronwaldentutor to any parent who wishes to support/boost the potential of their child.

H - Bishops Stortford


I observed saffronwaldentutor to be thorough but they know how to be flexible. I struggled to tutor my daughter who seems to struggle with fundamentals of Maths and Literacy and I find that saffronwaldentutor cultivates her interest in learning and saffronwaldentutor encourages a relaxed learning environment.
They communicates very well, give objective feedback and reliable.

Z- Cambridge


Very helpful - knows what they are talking about.

P - Newport


We are very happy with saffronwaldentutor and my daughter has already gained in confidence and learnt a lot. saffronwaldentutor is very professional and thorough - well prepared for the teaching sessions. They inspire confidence and I would highly recommend them.

N - Saffron Walden


saffronwaldentutor without doubt helped my children pass the 7+ & 11+ exam in to The Perse - Thank you!!!

A - Ickleton


I cannot thank you enough...wihout your help I would not have passed my re-sit.  To go from a C to an A* is AMAZING.

M - Saffron Walden


How does your child learn? Do you want access to more information?

Does confidence need boosting?

Will your child ask for help in class?

Has peer pressure affected your child's learning?

Do you want your child to achieve their full potential?

Does your child just need a little 'gap filling'?

Saffron Walden Tutor is available for help & guidance relating to moving your child on.

I would be happy to assess your child and work together to create a programme to help.

Please do get in touch - I am always happy to meet for a chat.

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