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Tutoring is an amazing way to help your child.  It is also a lot of time, effort and money.  Making the right choice is essential to ensuring success.  I am NOT a Teaching Assistant earning extra money, nor am I a franchise or an agency sending you CV's of individuals with degrees (many of whom are retired).  This is my job and I excel at it.


I always maintain client confidentiality so do not publish live testimonials on my site.  I am however prepared to provide references from other parents and schools I work with.


What have I achieved in the last 4 years?

  • 23 children accepted at The Perse School in Cambridge

  • 6 children accepted at The Leys

  • 5 children accepted at King's Ely

  • 14 children accepted at The Perse Prep

  • 5 children from Linton Village College secured GCSE Maths & English Grades A*- B.  Both accepted at Hills Road

  • 4 children from Linton Village College secured grade C in Maths.

  • 19 children at Joyce Franklin secured A*- B in Maths & English.  12 children secured C's

  • 21 children at SWCH secured A*- B in Maths & English.  5 children secured C's

  • 4 children accepted at Bishops Stortford College

  • 5 children accepted at Eton, Westminster & Haileybury

  • I teach GCSE Maths intervention at local secondary schools.

  • I work with students at Helena Romanes, St Faith's, Stephen Perse, Walden School, Dame Bradbury's, Thomas Moore, Great Chesterford, Katherine Semar, Finchingfield, Great Samford, RAB, Newport, Whittlesford, Bishops Stortford Boys, Thriplow, 

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