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Parents play a key role in revision...

It amazes me that grown ups naively think that they can just leave students to get on with revision in the confines of their bedrooms or that they allow their 'revisers' to dictate the times best for studying - usually late in the evening and into the early hours...

Without doubt, grown ups have an incredibly important role to play in the revision process. They are pivotal to ensuring that their 'revisers' are well fed, hydrated and rested. All of these affect concentration and ultimately exam success.

Many of those students whom I work with, tell me eagerly that they completed several hours of studying/revision after a long day out with friends. Usually the studying begins after other priorities (such as checking social media, chatting with friends, watching TV, playing video games, shopping etc.). They tell me that their grownups are pleased because although they went out and about they completed 5 hours after 7pm!

The result of this late night studying is a late rise; normally around 10am (if you are lucky).

The day begins late and so the teenage body clock shift begins. Before long, the teenager is in 'night shift' mode and has become a nocturnal animal.

What's the problem with this if they are revising?

Quiet simply, students MUST be at their best in exam hours. Between 0900-17.00. To reach the exam hall by 9am students will need to rise early to eat, drink, shower and prepare themselves before embarking on a journey to school.

The other problems that could occur are: sleeping through alarm clocks, rushing around and forgetting vital pieces of equipment, skipping breakfast, missing transport links and even falling asleep during the exam!

If you miss the start of an exam, this can lead to disqualification.

Please make sure your 'revisers' are not nocturnal and that their sleep times and quality is tightly monitored - they will thank you when the results come in!

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